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Our Coach

And other important people :-)

Get to know our dedicated coach and the helpers and volunteers that make Suffolk Vaulting Club. 


Annika Sievert

Head Coach

Annika has been vaulting as a member of a team in Germany for 6 years, and has just completed her Level 2 Coaching licence with BEV (British Equestrian Vaulting). She brings knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and a passion for the sport to our training, and won't let anyone get away with non straight knees! 

Anna pic_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Anne Hardwick


Anne also used to vault as a child (many many years ago...), and has the important role of lunging Wilma and supporting Annika in coaching.




Wilma is a 6 year old Irish mare. She stands at around 16 hh and is a sweetheart. Due to her age, Wilma is still in training, building up strength and balance slowly. We mostly vault in walk on her currently, but are now starting to build up trot and canter work.

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